General Litigation and General Counsel

As an attorney, Joseph Denson is an experienced litigator and general counsel for both individuals and companies. Turn to attorney Joseph Denson for effective legal solutions that work.

General Litigation

General litigation attorneys like Joseph Denson represent clients in lawsuits, mediation, court hearings and court trials. Attorney Joseph Denson has represented clients in litigious matters including personal injury cases, real estate disputes, products liability, workers’ compensation and more. The litigation process includes investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. Not every lawsuit goes through all the stages of the litigation process; many lawsuits are settled before trial.

The discovery stage is the longest part of the process. It includes the exchange of information between parties regarding evidence and witnesses to be presented at trial. Often, depositions are taken both the plaintiff and defendant during this stage. Cross-examination and interrogatories may also be performed. During the litigation process, attorney Joseph Denson works closely with the defendant’s attorney and insurance companies to achieve a fair settlement on behalf of his clients. If the case does go to trial, he has your case meticulously prepared for a strong presentation before the judge and jury.

General Counsel

As an experienced general counsel, attorney Joseph Denson is the go-to attorney for businesses when issues regarding ethics, law and geopolitical risk arise. He helps company management teams on legal issues and helps shape best practices regarding labor and employment, mergers, taxes, intellectual property, litigation and more. In addition, he assists business leaders in promoting integrity down the line inside the company.

Attorney Joseph Denson also works discreetly and closely with companies facing regulatory difficulties and complex financial transactions and when big changes in corporate culture are required. His role as general counsel evolves and changes depending on the company’s growth and needs. Without a doubt, he plays a strong, pivotal role in company operations.

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit against another party, turn to attorney Joseph Denson for the best outcome. He’s there to fight for justice on your behalf. And if your company is facing legal challenges, let the experience of Joseph Denson work for you. Call attorney Joseph Denson for a consultation. He takes the time to listen to your individual circumstances and advises you about all of your legal options.

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