Criminal / DUI Defense

If you are facing criminal charges in East Mississippi or West Alabama, the first thing you need to do is hire a criminal defense attorney who is committed to getting results. All charges, from a minor misdemeanor charge to a DUI charge can alter your life irrevocably if you are found guilty. Some of the types of charges you could be facing include:

  • Felonies – typically weapons charges, many drug charges and serious assault charges are charged as felonies. A conviction will result in your losing your rights to ever carry a firearm again. You need a criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights and help mount a defense that results in a not guilty finding. Felony convictions will generally result in jail time, steep fines and you will have the stigma of a conviction dog you for the rest of your life. A guilty finding could hamper your ability to find employment, housing and qualify for loans.
  • Misdemeanors – small amounts of marijuana, shoplifting and similar crimes are generally charged as misdemeanors. Although these charges are not as serious as a felony, you still need a criminal defense attorney who is committed to defending you aggressively. Guilty findings mean a life-long criminal record and may result in steep fines as well as jail time.
  • DUI Charges – being arrested and charged with a DUI could result in the loss of your driving privileges. In addition to being unable to drive, a conviction will stay on your record for several years which means higher insurance costs and harsher penalties should you face DUI charges again. A competent criminal defense attorney will review the reasons you were stopped, the results of breathalyzer tests and other procedural issues to determine if your rights were violated. Never assume that just because you were sober at the time of the stop that you are going to be able to defend yourself, you need a criminal defense attorney to guide you through the process.

Any person who is facing felony, misdemeanor or DUI charges in East Mississippi or West Alabama who needs a criminal defense attorney to work on their side should contact The Law Office of Denson and Associates, PLLC at 601-693-5400.  Our goal is to represent you to the best of our ability and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure one mistake does not impact the rest of your life.  Our motto has always been: “When results matter, call us first”. We will work hard to clear your name.

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